Day 12 Maine

After leaving Kirtland on Sunday we traveled to Syracuse, New York.  Due to GPS setting problems, we arrived later than we had anticipation.  I guess we had the no toll setting on and the GPS took us through all of New York countryside.  We didn't make that mistake the next day and heading for Massachutes.  The kids were tired and we gave ourselves a break from traveling by going to see Toy Story 4.  The children loved the movie!!! Then we headed over to Kimball Farms which I have pictures for but will have to post at a later.  I enjoyed a yummy platter friend Haddock and summer corn and the children ate watermelon and hotdogs followed by ice cream.  We love Kimballs.  We checked into our hotel and the children went swimming with their Nana. Bright and early we got up and made the 3-hour drive to Maine to spend the day with my family.  Maine is always a treat because it is so pretty and the little towns are so cute.  Prior to lunch, we walked around the town of Rockland.  While there I did a photo shoot for my cousin Sara for her daughter who is going to be a Senior this fall and the backdrop couldn't have been better.  One day wasn't enough! We were so sad to say goodbye at the end of the day.


Joanne Noragon said…
Main has changed little from my 1980's memories, I see.
Barbara Rogers said…
I came back to look at these just enjoy that seaside lighting and it's bouncing and reflecting off of everything!

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