Short Sands, York Beach Maine

While the children love Hampton Beach, I love York Beach because the little cove at short sands makes it easy to watch the children.  I love how easy it is to park and the restrooms are so easy to access. The shops are super cute and it is fun watching taffy be pulled at the Goldenrod.  My favorite flavor is maple walnut. The children the more traditional flavors of banana, strawberry, and chocolate.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Woody's Brick Oven Pizza. The pizza was pretty good and even better was the Greek salad which came in this yummy bread bowl. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend as much time as we like there due to the afternoon rain showers, but it proved to be good luck as we ended up running into a young woman who I babysat like over 22 years ago when I lived in Portland, Oregon.  What are the chances! She is now married and lives with her husband in Boston. She just happened to be there that weekend visiting her in-laws who have a house up there and she saw my post on Instagram. It was so great seeing her!  Can't believe summer is almost over for us here in Georgia as the kids go back to school on the first, but at the same time this mama is tired and it will be nice to have a few hours of peace and quiet each day.  Girls are so noisy. Their favorite game right now is playing puppies which involves a lot of whimpering and barking.  How is your summer going so far?  Have you done anything fun or have any fun adventures planned?

 We got ice cream at the Beach Plum on our way up!


Barbara Rogers said…
Imagine meeting someone in Maine from having known her in Oregon! That's mind-blowing. Glad you had your tour and made some great memories! The girls especially will be talking about it for years to come. I did the same the summer of 74 (with sons just a few years older) and they still share their memories.
italiafinlandia said…
Those smiling faces tell all... :)
Happy smiling faces!! How wonderful that you ran into someone you babysat! Must have felt wonderful!

William Kendall said…
You had quite a trip.

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