Portsmouth, New Hamsphire

At this point, I have lost total track of days as we are definitely weary travelers and ready to go home.  We are actually cutting our trip short a couple of days and going home.  The kids are done and I am done. Even though I am sharing 50 percent of the driving with my mother, I feel every time I get in the car to drive somewhere that it instills dread in me instead of joy.  It's almost like I am suffering from PTS when I get behind the wheel I feel anxiety.  On the day we drove to the Canadian side of the Waterfall {Niagra}, I suffered an actual panic attack.  It was dark, the cars were speeding by me and all of a sudden my heart was racing and I started feeling faint.  I had to pullover and stick my head between my legs.  My mom had to drive us home for the rest of the way. Anyway, back to Portsmouth.  One afternoon we drove out to the cute town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire where we met my step-sister and her daughter.  The town is so cute is worth the drive to see if you are ever in the Massachutes-New Hamshire area.  We ate at a restaurant called Goat.   The food was pretty good, but warning the portion sizes are huge!!! Walking around Portsmouth will give you the feeling of walking around many England or Irish small town.  So many cute shops that are completely not your average chain commercial store and so many yummy restaurants.  Then hop over the bridge and go to Kittery.  Take time and drive down or up the hwy 1 and you won't be disappointed.  Gorgeous coastal views and cute homes and Inns to see!


Barbara Rogers said…
Oh dear, so sorry you're tired of the road trip! It will certainly have better memories for all of you, once it's over and you've returned to your normal life. I sure have enjoyed that you've taken me along for some of the joys of the trip...and I know unpacking and packing and all that driving can be really tiresome. Panic attacks are no fun either! I've ancestors from Portsmouth, and liked seeing your glimpse of it.
William Kendall said…
I've been in that town once, years ago. I remember it was lovely.
Linda P said…
You've been to some amazing places on your Summer road trip. I hope you soon feel rested and can then look back with pleasure at all the towns you visited and sights you saw along the way.
Anonymous said…
I've so enjoyed following your travels. You have covered a lot of ground and visited fabulous places. I totally understand the feeling of anxiety on the road. MA roads this Summer have been very busy and not an easy ride. I've even aborted a day trip due to heavy, bumper traffic. Take care, Susan
DUTA said…
In the past, one felt proud to drive one's own car; nowadays, one is proud to have a driver to do that for him as driving is sometimes "black work". The scenery and the attractions on the road, however, are a big compensation.
Yes, Kelleyn, travel is fun but after a long road trip all you want to do is get home as we well know from our own nearly 6-week road trips the past two summers. How nice that you visited in NH where we now live and Portsmouth is indeed a lovely town and we hope to return for a visit after the summer tourist season. Thanks for the Goat restaurant recommendation too as we will look it up. That large chair looks like it was fun for the girls.
I love that you went to Portsmouth! We used to live in Northeast MA and my husband and I would make an annual trip to Portsmouth staying a night or 2 in a downtown B & B. It is such a romantic, fun town to walk around, enjoy the flowers, try out the eateries and enjoy entertainment. They even have family friendly nightly plays in the summer along the water.

The pictures of the kids are adorable.

Your post is making me nostalgic! We have not found our new go-to getaway place down south yet.

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