On Thursday morning the sun was out in its full glory.  Days like this in Seattle are worth a million bucks and honestly, there isn't really anything better. I quickly got dressed, put my tennis shoes on, and then hopped into the car and drove down to Greenlake which is located just a few minutes north of the city.  There I met for the first time Emily who I became acquainted with back in 2008 when we were both Expats.  She was living in eastern Switzerland on the French side of the country and I was living in the exact opposite corner on the west side of the country- St. Gallen. We both blogged about our experiences.  Emily is an amazing photographer and over the years has built herself a successful business. She is truly an inspiration to me as she has such an amazing talent for capturing the ordinary moments and turning them into something truly magical.  At first, I was slightly nervous, but within moments felt totally comfortable.  As we walked around the lake we talked about our children, travel, and photography. After Emily left, I sat and took a minute to soak it all in before moving on to my next appointment. This lake holds so many memories for me and my husband.  In 1996 I moved to Seattle and shortly thereafter met my husband. We lived across the street from this lake until we moved in 2000. When we were dating we shared our hopes and dreams while slowly falling in love with one another. Then after we were married the lake offered a place to unwind from our long days at work.  I was a Nannie for a wealthy family caring for their three children and my husband was finishing up his ph.d. at the University of Washington. In 1999 our first son Harris was born and the place became a place where we would try to lull him to sleep.  He was a colicky baby and would often cry sometimes making us a target for remarks from people who I am not sure were annoyed or who were honestly trying to be helpful. Today that baby graduates in 3 weeks from high school. Oh, the memories this place holds. One of the great things about Seattle is all the urban green spaces. One minute you are surrounded by high rises and the next you are walking in a forest of trees. 


Mascha said…
What a lovely place for a stroll and so sunny!
Thanks for the link to Emily.
Greetings from far cold Germany

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