China Lights in Nashville Tennessee

This past weekend the children and I went to Nashville to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with our group of friends we met while we were in China getting Ivy. When the adoption agency sends you to China to pick up your child they try to send you in a group of other families who are also picking up their children.  When we picked up Avery there were 4 other families. It was during the New Years Eve holiday weekend, and therefore, her group was small.  In Ivy's group, there were 13 families. We have since kept in touch and every so often a small group of us meet in Nashville as that is the closest for all of us.  Anyway, this past weekend there was a China Light Festival where there were these light displays, Chinese food, and cultural dances.  It was so wonderful seeing everyone.  It feels like coming home.  We have become such a tight-knit group in the past year.  We have celebrated much and cried when Rickie was diagnosed with CP, but she has come a long way since that diagnosis and we are watching God heal her and help her meet some milestones.  After the festival, we headed to the local mall where the children played and rode the carousel. On another note, we leave for Germany in two days!  Eek!  I can't believe it!  A whole year in Germany!  Well, I better run, I need to go finish packing. Have a great week!


Looks like a wonderful day. You have a beautiful family.
Unknown said…
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Wow, you have a busy life! We have two adopted granddaughters whose parents also assure that they are aware and relate to their Latin American heritage. Best wishes and good luck on your relocation to Germany.
Anonymous said…
Really neat that the parents and kids kept in contact this year - what better way to do your last one (for now) with a Chinese festival! The kids have all grown so much:)
Oh, changing countries is so much work! Really appreciate you linking up with All Seasons, right before you go to Germany!!. Safe and smooth travel!

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