Mother's Day Tea

I am so grateful I get the opportunity to be a mother to all of my sweet children. I still remember 18 years ago when I had my first child (Harris) and how scared I was not just about giving birth, but all of the unknowns. Today there isn't too much that ruffles my feathers. This doesn't mean I don't worry because I think parents always worry about their children; however, I know in most cases it will work itself out. Avery's preschool had Muffins for mom activity while Addy's had a Mother's Tea. The girls were so excited to have me there and show me the things that they had made for me. So so sweet!   Happy Mother's Day to everyone and to all those who are like mother's to those around them. It really does take a village and I am grateful for all the woman who help me out and who are great examples to my children.


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