Gold Medal

The school year is winding down to an end and it seems like it just started yesterday.  How is it possible that we are already into the 5th month of the year.  Anyhow, Winston entered into German 2 this year as a freshman.  He could have probably gone into three, but he didn't want to be with the juniors.  Every year they give a series of test in collaboration with the German government.  If he attended the German School with the little kids these same test would be offered. This year he took the ATG test and scored a 95% and qualified for a Gold medal.  We are so proud of him! While he does have an advantage over many of the students it is still a pretty big accomplishment and I am grateful he hasn't given up. Way to go Winston!


DUTA said…
Bright kid! German is not an easy language. I know, as I've studied it (in my younger days) as a foreign language at Goethe Institute in my home country. What I remember most is that the verb is at the end of the sentence (predikat am ende).
Anonymous said…
Yay, for Winston! Give him a big hug from the All Seasons' bloggers:) Your kids go to German school - does that mean you and your hubby also know/speak German? In our first year of marriage we lived in W-Berlin (the wall was still there), and hubby worked there for 3 years.

Hope your packing goes well - my daughter is now in the same stage, only it's much simpler for her, because they move in the next street over, and her 4 kids are all teens, so they can pack their own stuff. Many thanks for keeping us up to date with your family at All Seasons! That you may accomplish much this week!

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