Last weekend our good friend's son was confirmed in his church. The ceremony was sweet! Afterwards, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at their house and spent our time in the company of wonderful people. It doesn't get any better than that.  Grateful, they gave us the opportunity to be a part of their special moment.


Thanks for sharing above information. I am very impressed with this article. Hope for more updates soon.
Nothing beats special times with friends especially marking the major passages of life.
Hello Kelleyn, first thanks for your recent visit and comment on our Frog & Penguinn blog. And, in return, Inhave just spent time exploring your blog and meeting your lovely family, your 3 sons and 3 daughters, hudband, parents. And, learning a lot as well about the adoptions of Avery and Ivy and growing up years of Addy, Winston, Roman, Harris. Congrats on your eldest son's hs graduation and college acceptance as well. Also, found some familar places as my husband and I grew up in NJ and know the "shore" area there, also we also were married in August like you and Frank, I have a Feb (3) birthday like your son, and we now live in New England so are close to MA where your dad grew up, and we also lives in the south ( VA eastern shore) for 12 years.
Finally, I am also an avid photographer and used to have sell photo cards at craft shows when we lived in VA. Your photography site is lovely as I also checked out that link and you have a wonderful way of capturing chuldren and their parents! Finally, thanks for the info about the "In Search of Balance" documentary which is available on Netflix and I have put it on "to watch" list this weekend!
Please do revisit our blog spot anytime as I plan to do the same for yours and am looking forward to reading and seeing about your living in Germany in upcoming months. (Also, my name is Dorothy, known as "Beatrice" on our blog and my husband Patrick is "Grenville."

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