The Nordic Heritage Museum (Seattle) and Lunch with Jenna

I lived in Seattle for many years, but never went to the Nordic Heritage Museum.  In fact, I didn't even know it existed until we stopped by with some longtime friends house and they mentioned a special exhibit that was taking place at the museum. So when my friend was taking her daughter to art lessons, I headed off to the museum.  I never realized that Seattle had a big Scandinavian population.  It was fun to learn how the community influenced the development of Seattle.  It was also fun to see all the Marimekko fabrics which were on exhibit. Sadly the exhibit is no longer there, but it is still a fun little museum to visit.

In order to wrap up these Seattle post, I am going to combine my lunch with my friend Jenna.  She lives in Kirkland which is just over the bridge on the other side of Lake Washington.  I had lunch with her before going to the museum.  One of my favorite things about Seattle are all the fresh farm to table restaurants and organic restaurants.  The food is just amazing.  I had a totally yummy salad followed by a yummy apple salted caramel hand pie. Jenna got a batch of their fresh root vegetable chips with garlic aioli and oh my so yummy!   Thanks Jenna for taking me to Little Brothers and Deru.  The only thing I wish was that I would have had time to go back and try out a few more items from their menu's.    Well, this wraps up my Seattle post!  Can't believe we will be in Germany in less than a week.  I am excited for all the new adventures that we are going to have while we are over there this next year.


DUTA said…
I'm sure the visit to the Nordic Heritage Museum was a wonderful experience.
The salad looks delicious; it probably gave you the right energy needed to contemplate the interesting exhibits at the museum.
Edit said…
That salad looks really yummy and healthy too! :-) I hope you have a great weekend!
shayndel said…
Nice to discover new places in the city where you live!!
Great photo of you and your friend Jenna, and the salad looks great too!
Wishing you a great trip and many blessings to you and your family in your new adventures!!
Rohit Kumar said…
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