Trunk or Treat 16

Stop the press!  Bringing you direct from Georgia adorable Halloween photos of my children.  Your welcome!  I mean doesn't everyone need a dose of adorable children.  I mean everyone loves photos of puppies and kiddies, so for your enjoyment I give you photos of my children dressed in their costumes before we left for Trunk or Treat which is a Halloween Costume party put on by our church.  Ours happened to be this weekend.  The chili was fantastic! The costumes get better and better each year and the kids of course loved the getting all the candy.  How was your weekend?  Did you do something fun?  Well, I have a ton to do before the kids get home and we go trick or treating tonight.


Anonymous said…
Happy Halloween! Great costumes. Very creative. Each child is delighted with their costume - the wide smiles tell it all. I expect only 4 children tonight for Halloween. I know each child and have made custom gift bags for each child. They look forward to their special treats. They've been talking about Halloween for 2 weeks now! Delightful. Susan
Anonymous said…
Great costumes, Kelleyn! Obvious that your kids love it:) Many thanks for photographing them and sharing this feast with ALL SEASONS! Much appreciated:) Have a great week and take it "easy!"
NCSue said…
The kids look so cute - great shots!
Thanks for sharing at
Buckeroomama said…
Aww, they look adorable!!
Looks like a fun time, and how cute they are. Thanks for visiting me.

Peabea at Peabea Scribbles :)
restlessjo said…
Totally adorable! I bet you had the best time! :)
Tom said…
Our 13 year old granddaughter stopped by last night in her Super Girl outfit. You sure have some nice smiles here.
What adorable kids and costumes!! So much fun!
merlanne said…
Great outfits. Here in Luxemburg, Halloween is not tradition. So no spooky ghosts or mini super women in the streets :-(. We have to wait for "Carnival" in February.
The children are adorable in their costumes and look like they are having such fun!
The pumpkin is funny and your children are gorgeous in their costumes !
Best, Synnöve
Oh my golly gosh I wish your kids lived closer, they could have come round. I had a huge pumpkin full of chocolates and no-one knocked at the door on Halloween - needless to say I'm getting to look big like a pumpkin myself... yes of course I've eaten the lollies!
Wren x
Molly said…
Love the Batgirl!


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