Nashville Part 2

I adore Nashville.  While it isn't Paris or New York it is a perfect little city and you don't have to love country music to appreciate the city.  Since we had been to Nashville before and seen some of the sights we really didn't hit any of the big tourist attractions this visit.  The children played in the hotel pool, we walked along the Cumberland River, we went to the movies and saw Storks, failed at finding a open pumpkin patch, hung out in neighboring city Franklin, ate lunch with my high school friend Sandy, and hunted down street art.  It was a perfect 3 days!  Looking for a great southern dinner try the Loveless Cafe or how about breakfast at Puckett's both were definitely worth the visit. Yummy!


Snap said…
I see lots of smiling faces from your Nashville adventure. I haven't been there in years, but I did enjoy it. Lots of history in the area. Thanks for the memories. Happy Thursday!
cedarmerefarm said…
That's the way to travel, especially with little kids. Your trip sounded so fun and relaxing.
I've been down that way when my son and DIL use to live in Tennessee, but never visited. Thanks for sharing.

Loved seeing your visit to my blog :)
NatureFootstep said…
Never been to Nashville, but heard a lot of music from there. Nice shots.

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