Playing on the Chattahoochee

We have had an incredibly warm fall.  When a client called me in a panic because she said the weather forecast was predicting 85 degree weather and she didn't know what to now where for their fall photo shoot, I didn't believe her until I looked at the weather app myself.  She was right, it was going to be warm.  It had been in the 60's the previous weekend, but there the three day weather forecast sad 83, 80, and so on.  Well, who am I to complain.  We had a really cold winter that winter and I was going to take advantage every drop of sun and every ounce of warm weather.  After German school the children and I grabbed Subway for lunch and headed to the river.  They had a blast!


betty-NZ said…
What a good time! It's like having old-fashioned fun.
Marja said…
Gorgeous photos of the children. The best fun is playing in the water

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