The C family

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to shoot this sweet family.  Their daughter Grace was a pro! She needed no direction and rocked the shoot as if she was a professional.  I love shoots like that. I love how children have no fear of the camera and can be so comfortable around the camera unlike their teen and adult counterparts who are so worried about weather or not their outfit looks good or the long list of items that we seem to worry about.  When I say we I have to admit I am just as guilty of being so self conscience; however, I just need to let it go and embrace the camera each time I am on the other side of the lens.  Are you comfortable getting your picture taken?  Why or why not? Well, I better get going.  I have a ton of laundry to fold and the kids will be home early from school as it it is early release today.  Have a great weekend!


NCSue said…
They look like a lovely - and loving - family. Great images.
Thanks for sharing at
Sharon Wagner said…
What a happy family. Beaming.
Beautiful family -- and beautiful pictures Kelly!! interesting question you pose. I've been saying that our great-grands are so used to the camera that having their picture taken is just as natural to them as breathing. -- And then our grands (their parents and the rest of that generation ) take posing almost as for-granted. (But they DO pose. Whereas the great-grandkids just go on about their business perfectly naturally even with a camera aimed at them).

But when you get to our children's generation (in their 50s) and definitely to old folks like us -- we tend to run from the camera or at the very least pose un-naturally-- fix our hair, worry, fake smiles... all that..... I don't even know what all that proves, but it is interesting to me, because I never do get enough good shots of family and friends. Except for the very littles (the great-grands).
betty-NZ said…
Lovely family with sweet smiles!
I love the smiles and you captured them so beautifully.


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