BBQ in Kentucky

As you read this, I am driving home to Georgia.  It has been a wonderful two weeks and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to visit family and friends.  At the same time it is bittersweet as it was my father's last visit back home.  He was born and raised in Massachutes, and this is where most of his family still lives.  My father has Alzheimer's it has been getting progressively getting worse over the last two years and despite medication is slowly slipping into a state of loosing memories.  At the moment he still has his long term memory, but he has no idea who the president is or who is running for president, what year it is, what day it is, and doesn't remember his grandchildren's names.  I know he was thrilled to see his family, eat clams, but at the same time I think this trip was hard on him because he can't remember the little details of where we are going or where he needs to be at times. Today, I noticed he was stressed out.  Anyway, back to Kentucky.  Our journey began in Kentucky at the home of our friend Stephanie.  She adopted her daughter Abby at the same time we adopted Avery.  We have kept in contact these past two years and we are glad we were able to stop by and visit her family on our way up north.  Stephanie threw a bbq for us and invited a few other families who have also adopted children from China around the same time we did.  It was so fun to see all the children together.  8 adults and 17 children were there that evening and it was anything but boring. Amazingly, there were no tears and everyone got along really well together.  Can't wait for the next gathering.


Such beautiful children. Our daughter adopted 2 girls, 13 months apart, of Mexican and Argentinian heritage. We love all our grandchildren but there is something so special about these two. Both were saved from being aborted by a group which offers shelter and medical care to expectant mothers who chose not to end their lives. The image of the watercourse and bridge is exquisite! Thanks for visiting my South Dakota blog.
Ohmydearests said…
All those sweet faces! Just precious! It must be so hard for your father and family.
Anonymous said…
You captured all these children so well -their personality is very clear (not posed). Many thanks for sharing this lovely bunch with SEASONS!
A kind reminder, for everyone one thumbnail in the link up (knowing you, you probably just forgot, so no harm done) Have a great week, Kelleyn!
Your children are so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!

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