Remembering Toledo

We are home from Orlando now and will be packing up once again on Monday to visit family in Boston.  I am probably half crazy to do this as it isn't always fun with small children to drive in the car, and too be honest it can sometimes be miserable.  The only thing that makes it all worth it is seeing how much fun my children have playing with their cousins and being loved on by their great-aunts and great-uncles. The children had a great time with my step-sister and  her children in Florida and I hope to post those pictures soon; however, I still haven't gotten through all my photos from Spain.  So here is another post on what I did in Toledo.  While Toledo isn't a very large city I actually found plenty to do and see in the three days I was there, and at first I had  thought I had made a mistake in allocating so much time to this city, but I can gladly omit that I was wrong. I have all ready shown you the cathedral and the place where El Greco lived, but I one must go see the
visit the many other museums in the city and even take a ride on the Hop on Hop off Bus. The bus ride only takes an hour to ride the complete loop and I didn't see anyone get off the bus or hop on at other locations except the train station, but for 9 euros it was worth it to get a great view of the city and kind of get a lay of the city by driving around the perimeter of the city.  It does not take you through the city itself which you can easily to by riding any of the city buses or walk as it only takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from one side of the city to the other. I was lucky in that the temperatures where pretty moderate while I was there and even a little bit on the too cool side for me, so walking wasn't a problem as I didn't have to worry about the heat. Warning! Picture overload!

In today's post I visited the Synagogue of El Transito.  The city had a rich Jewish history.  I visited the Santa Maria la Blanca also another synagogue and is the oldest in Europe, and I visited the Monestary of San Juan de los Reyes.  I still have photos from my morning at the Alcazar, but I will save that for another day as it is late. Hope you are having a great weekend!  Can you believe half of 2016 is all ready over?  I can't!  


swig said…
Great pictures and impressions… and not so many tourists.
Warm greetings from Paris where everybody (except us) is watching soccer tonight!
Jeanna said…
These are some great photos, so those are busts of El Greco? I know he has one painting of the city he lived in, I wonder if there are more. I really dig the top photo, it's so expansive. Cute shot of you photobombing your own series, lol.
Anonymous said…
Ah, I feel like I've taken the trip with you! These are the kind of things I like the see when I visit a place somewhere on the globe! Many thanks for sharing all these beautiful views with SEASONS!
True, this year is flying by (good, since it's so intense, politically!). Hope to see you soon, and have a great week:)

PS Do you know Thursday Doors, and Tuesday Travel? Your photos would really fit well for those memes/challenges too. You can click on their blog addresses on the bottom of my weekly posts:)
CountryMouse said…
What an amazing place and beautiful buildings. Thanks for taking us with you. I know what you mean about trying to catch up on places and posts. I am forever behind on what I have been doing.
Love that door shot. Looks like a beautiful city.
betty-NZ said…
These are some fantastic shots of a beautiful city. I love the old architecture so much.

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