St. Augustine

As my children were fast asleep this past week in our condo in Florida, the news came in first about a black man who was shot by a police officer while being pulled over for a routine traffic violation while his girlfriend and small child were onlookers. I was horrified. Then more reports followed of police man being shot down in Dallas, Texas as they were protecting those wishing to express their freedom of speak. I have been numb the last couple of days and don't know what to think. I know we have a problem in the united states and it goes much deeper than chanting Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter. Having studied and gotten my minor in Black History in University, I know the pain runs deep. A pain that goes back to the exploitation of our fellow human beings for our further advancement and personal gain. Families were destroyed not just once when we ripped them from their homeland and placed them on ships for a land unknown, but they were then again destroyed once again when they were treated in a manner that stripped all humanity away from them when they were then again sold to slave masters who had little or no regard for them or their family units. We had a chance to make it when we fought the civil war and Lincoln declared that they should be set free, but we didn't we then told them they couldn't share our public toilets, sit by us at a restaurant or movie, make it impossible for them to vote, and sadly allowed men to terrorize them as they walked home from work or while they sleep. Lynchings are not that far ago in the past, and while views on race have come a long way there is still a long way to go. I have raised my children not to see color, but to look upon the individual. I have taught them to treat all with dignity as they would be expected to be treated. I am deeply saddened. My heart aches for all families involved. I have no answers and fear what the fall elections will bring in this country as both of the candidates are far from the ideal great president we need to lead this nation. If it weren't for my sweet children and they joy the show in the little things and my faith in Jesus Christ I would probably would curl up in a ball; however, I choose to have hope that one of these days humanity will get it right. That we will no longer see color and our first answer will be to choose peace instead of whipping out the guns. The following pictures are from our visit this past week to St. Augustine, Florida. After eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant which is sadly no longer our favorite Mexican due to a change in menu and the extremely high temperatures the children had fun exploring the San Marcos Fort. Then we bee lined it straight for the beach to cool off our hot sticky bodies. Sadly, My camera ran out of batteries half way through our visit at the fort. Hope you are choosing to find love and kindness towards all fellow beings.


abrianna said…
Great pictures. So sorry your favorite restaurant changed menus. Hate when that happens.
Having just returned fron over seas again I didn't realise the size of the divide over here until noticed there wasnt one over there. Things are not going to change here, I fear, merely get worse. the damage is done the attitudes, huge.
My girls were approached by policeman in the airport who were chatting to them in such a friendly manner it was so lovely to see and hear. I then spoke to them about the divide here and they agree it is indeed cavenous. Race is an issue that is also so shocking to me.

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