The El Greco Museum

Man oh Man I am having a hard time keeping up this summer with all that is going on and what is worse is that I have been having troubles pulling the photos off my camera.  Somehow a year or so ago the connection part on the camera that allows you to connect your camera to the computer broke, and not just the cable, but the actual socket that is on the camera.  It wasn't a problem because I could just take the compact flash card and put it in a reader and in a second the photos would all download onto Lightroom.  Well, my son using my camera for a project broke the card reader and I bought a new one, but my computer for some reason or another isn't recognizing it.  So after almost three hours fiddling with it tonight I finally gave up and ordered a new one.  I hop this is the problem or I am going to have to have someone else download the photos.  Such a pain.  Currently, I am here in Orlando, Florida with my step-sister and her two daughters along with my mother.  The children are having a blast.  We head home on Friday only to turn around and leave again on Monday for Boston and destinations along the way.  It should be fun though I am not thrilled to be in the car with the little ones for that long.  So let's talk about the El Greco Museum.  El Greco may not be everyone's cup of tea.  His work tends to be dark and kind of moody, but if you are in Toledo, Spain I wouldn't miss the chance to visit the museum dedicated to his work.  The house that serves now as a museum also was his private residence. The home is lovely and definitely worth the visit.

Paseo del Transito s/n, 45002 Toledo, Spain
Hours 9:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Telephone number 34 92522 36 65


Rhonda Albom said…
I did not make it to this museum when I was in Toledo but I did see a number of his paintings.
NCSue said…
Beautiful images!
Thank you for sharing at
Anonymous said…
Sorry for your internet problems -hope they're over now! Admire your stamina to travel much with your kids:)
Had no idea Grego moved to the USA tat one point. Many thanks for sharing his residence with SEASONS! The Spanish artists I know are all geniuses and have an amazing individual style, such as Grego, Picasso, Gaudy. My son just came back from Barcelona, having worked next to the famous Gaudy.
Have a lovely week vacationing and safe travel. "See" you back next week:)
Mascha said…
I like theart of El Greco, but I've never seen before, were he was living. Thanks for sharing.
Hope, your problems will be away soon, such things are always irritating.

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