York Beach, Maine

Traveling Back and forth between Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts is really common as the states are so close to one another.  Many families along the eastern seaboard have homes in Maine and will head up for the weekends during the summer months.  We don't have a summer home in Maine, but it is sure fun to explore and play.  After dropping my father off at his cousins house, we headed to the beach stopping first to eat lunch at the Blues Restaurant.  The light house is also a fun to see!  Roman enjoyed exploring the rocks looking for baby crabs and the girls had fun digging in the sand.  The water in Maine takes powers of superhuman strength to endure at the water is freezing even when it is 95 degrees outside and you are dripping with sweat from the humidity.  I felt like I had taken the polar bear challenge.   Nana bought the girls glass starfish to remember their wonderful day at the beach.  Before we headed back to the hotel we finished our day off with ice cream at the Golden Rod Restaurant.  We have one day left here and then we head home to Atlanta.  We have had so much fun exploring this great nation of ours and most importantly visiting with our family.


Anonymous said…
the water sounds something like in Holland:) The beach is especially much fun for your beautiful kids! so cute each with the sunglasses and at play:) Great and fun contribution for SEASONS Kelleyn! Have a great week!

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