A Sweet Day

8 years ago, when we traveled north with my husband to Pennsylvania for a work conference we took the the boys to Hershey Park.  The boys loved it!  Frank took Winston two years ago to the park when he was again at a work conference. They had a blast!  The park is perfect!  There is something for everyone, and what is great is that it isn't nearly as expensive as Disney nor are the lines as long. The longest we waited for any ride was like ten minutes.  It was sweet to watch Ivy get excited to go on the rides.  At first she wasn't so sure about them and when we would ask her if she wanted to go on a rife she would pronounce very affirmatively "no."  Eventually though she changed her mind and joined the children in all the fun.  The day was perfect and I am glad I had the opportunity to bring back the little girls. The children also loved that when we pulled into the town of Hershey the air smelled like chocolate.  No joke!  On the way to our hotel, we were treated to a beautiful view of corn fields, haystacks, and farmhouses followed by a gorgeous sunset.  I could definitely get used to that view each day.


Holly said…
Looks like tons of fun, thanks for sharing your adventures.

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