What's for Lunch? Corner View

Nothing was for lunch today as Addy had an appointment with the cardiologist today.  These appointments run about two hours long.  Her heart is doing well.  She still has a tiny hole in it, but at the moment it is not causing any problems.  Afterwards we had to run to the grocery store as I was out of milk, lunchbox supplies, and a few items for tonight's dinner.  Since Winston has soccer tonight and it would be to late to cook dinner when I got home, I made dinner early and that became my lunch.  I made Trinidadian Chicken Stew.  It was pretty good.  Now I just need the verdict from the rest of the amily as to whether it reappears in our nightly menu mix.  In Germany lunch is more like dinner and dinner is more like lunch.  So, my husband usually has his big meals at lunch time.  I guess some habits don't die easily.   What did you have for lunch?  To see more lunches around the world visit Francesca. Corner View is a weekly blog hop around the globe.


Anonymous said…
I once heard something like: breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, nibble dinner like a princess - or something. I never have breakfast, so I'm off to a bad start EACH day :)
Glad Addy's checkup went well.
Menthe Blanche said…
Happy that all is ok for your daughter!
I'm sure this chicken recipe is good..... :)
babies said…
hello... i don't know your story, but i'm glad your daughter's heart is doing well.

hm, so, what is dinner, and what is lunch? which is bigger and where? it's all mixed here, depending on the family, day of the week and so on.
tinajo said…
Glad she´s fine - and that looks yummy! :-)


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