Happy Weekend!

Yesterday, I woke up so happy.  The weather is perfect right now.  Hot but not too hot and almost a little balmy.   It is exactly what I need after a long summer of rain. The air smelt of toast and fresh cut grass.  I couldn't drink enough of it in.  I am feeling pretty optimistic at the moment.  A good way to start a birthday.  It is on Tuesday!  I am so excited because on Monday night I am going to see Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5.  On Tuesday, I am going to go the art museum with my mom and out to lunch.  Also, other good news is that in October I am going to go to New York City for two days with a good friend of mine.  Yahoo!  Well, I hope you have a really great weekend!  I will be on the soccer field.  How about you?  Do you have anything planned?


dawn said…
Swimming...I'll be at the pool watching the kids practce.

send me an email please. the4copes@gmail.com
tinajo said…
Sounds like it´s gonna be a great weekend where you are, enjoy it to the fullest sweetie! :-)

Unknown said…
We could really use some of that sunshine in Colorado right now!
How exciting that your birthday is coming!!! Happy weekend sweet friend!!!!! XOXO
Kalen said…
Glad you are happy and an early happy birthday to you too. Sounds like fun is store especially with the concerts! How fun! Thinking of you-

Shauna xo
Francesca said…
The trip to NYC sounds so great!
Hope Yahoo weather app was right :)

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