At The Lake

Each year our church congregation gathers for a campout at the Lake!  This year was my year to sleep over.  Roman and Addy went home at the end of the evening leaving Harris and Winston.  The kids always have so much fun.  As for me, I have decided next time it's either a air mattress or a RV because I am just getting to old to sleep on the ground.  Some of the campout activities included a Dutch Oven desert cook off, a 1 mile race, a movie under the stars, smore's, swimming, lots of talking with good friends, and a pancake breakfast.  Till next year!


Shauna said…
I love how you layed this out. Great pictures. The first of that little blonde girl with the braid is darling. What a nice tradition. Glad you had fun. Nothing like friends, water, food and good company. Take care,

Shauna xo
tinajo said…
Ugh, I´m not a fan of sleeping on the ground to be honest - but I do like everything else with camps! :-) Love the pics, lots of happy people!
Leggio said…
How fun for a church to do!!!!! How is the adoption going??? Any word on estimated travel? Hope you and your crew are well.
Looks like a great time - lots of memory making!

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