Evenings "Corner View"

Most evening these days are spent at the soccer field.
Roman is playing for his second year.
His team is named Liverpool.
Roman is so non-competitive that when the other team scores he cheers with them.

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Theresa said…
That's pretty adorable.
Shauna said…
That is so cute. My family is very competitive. There are pros and cons... :) Glad he is having fun, that's what is most important Love to you,

Shauna xo
Francesca said…
frankly, i'm on his side, and am cheering with Roman!
Stephanie said…
Awww, that is so SO sweet!
Unknown said…
That's so cute that he cheers for the other team.
nadine paduart said…
i think that is cute, and i LOVE non competiton!

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