Mt Timpanogos

On Thursday, Frank and Harris flew out to Salt Lake City so that Harris could attend a religious youth conference for teens at BYU called EFY.  I can't believe my boy is old enough to attend.  I remember my friends attending this conference as a teen.  It seems like yesterday he was a baby and now he is 14. Before I know it he will be 18 and leaving the nest!  I am not sure if I am ready for that!  Anyhoo, their first stop was Temple Square where they said hello to a friends of ours daughter who is serving a mission.  She was so excited to see Frank and Harris.  Afterwards, they headed to Siegfrieds for some good old German food.  Siegfrieds has been around for forever.  I went their with my collage German class to have a taste of traditional German food.  Then with full bellies the boys headed to Mt. Timpanogos to see the caves.  Harris is the same age I was when I went to the caves with my friend Allison who I met in Alaska at Girls Camp.  I stayed with her family for a week when I was 14.  The following day Harris met with a college counselor to talk about expectation of getting into BYU or any good University.  He starts high school in the fall and we wanted him to start of on a good foot by really understanding what it takes to get into a good school here in the United States.  Afterwards, the went to Five Guys and went swimming in the hotel pool.  Saturday, the hiked the Y which is a trail on the Mountain behind BYU that leads to a Giant Y.  Today they went to church and went to dinner at a friends house.  The conference begins in today.  Frank will drop him off and fly back to Atlanta while I am off to Colorado!  Harris will come home on Saturday. Have a great week! 


tinajo said…
Oh yes, they grow so incredible fast! Glad he could do that, must have been fun for him. :-)

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