A Day at the Gardens

Last Saturday while papa was working, Adelaide, Roman and I went to the Botanical Gardens.  What we discovered was a world of whimsy and magic.  Throughout the gardens were fantastic botanical sculptures.  So beautiful! The just before going home we took and opportunity to cool off in the children's garden.  The children had a good time.  Do you have a botanical garden where you live?  If so have you been to it!  You might be surprised at what you find there!  Today we are off to celebrate the birth of our nation at our church annual pancake breakfast.  I am in charge this year.  Afterwards we will go swimming with grandpa!  Have a Happy 4th!


Leggio said…
Awesome gardens!!!! That place looks amazing. So sorry for the loss of your precious Aunt. It sounded like she left a wonderful legacy of love behind. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog we are not matched with a sweet one yet, but have acquired about a pearl river little one. God knows who our daughter will be and we are trusting in that. Are y'all matched with a little one??? Where are you in the process????
Unknown said…
Beautiful! I love all the plants that look like animals.

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