Butterfly Conservatory Key West "Snapshot Sunday"

I think I missed my calling in life. The other day on TV I was watching a program on the shooting of Sports Illustrated and I came to the realization that I should have been a photographer. I don't want to be a model because you have to starve yourself and be half naked in temperatures less than desirable, but it is the photographer who has the good deal because they get to travel to locations all over the world. The more I travel the more I want to travel. This planet we live on is truly amazing! So beautiful! Our first stop on our cruise was Key West. I have been to Key West before when one of our cruises stopped there 8 years ago. Frank and I went snorkeling. This time we wanted to see some of the tourist attractions. Our first stop was the Butterfly Conservatory, where we saw one of the best collection of live butterflies. Butterflies are truly amazing. Before we saw the butterflies we watched a short film on their life and transformation from egg, caterpillar, and finally to butterfly. The conservatory also has a nice Koi pond and collection of birds. It is definitely worth visiting if you are in Key West.



Wow. Beautiful pictures. I had no idea Key West had this attraction. My daughter also loved seeing your pix- she loves butterflies and birds!! Thx for sharing
dawn said…
I think you ARE a photographer, you just don't get paid.
Your photos are fabulous and are of professional grade for sure.

Hmmm, I have been to KW countless times and also had no idea this was there. I will look for it, on Tuesday, my girls will love it.
dawn said…
Thanks for the ideas. Ours is just a quickie, KW and Cozamel with a day at sea. I really wanted the Cayman jamaica one but it coincides with a seminar I am taking, grrrr. So this will do. My girls went to bed an hour ago but are still awake....a little excited. The youngest doesn't remember the last cruise and the oldest one does, hence the excitement.
We drive down to Key West for the day sometimes so I really didn't want to cruise there but never mind it will still be tonnes of fun. Key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick....oh don't mind if I do.
Kirk Klippel said…
Very beautiful. We have a butterfly place here too. I should take the kids there soon. LOve,

Shauna xoxo
What a great visit to the butterflies - they are so beautiful, and the birds too. Your photographs are great. Enjoy the summer.
Wow! These pictures are stunning.
Patrice said…
I visited this place too - it was nice!
Unknown said…
Butterflies always make for gorgeous images, don't they?

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment over at Communal Global tonight. How sweet of you to say something so lovely.

Bethany said…
Wonderful photos! You do have an eye for photography. I love all the birdies! So colorful! I would love it if you would share with us over at Photog Show and Tell.

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