Let Freedom Ring

Every good holiday starts with good food-right?  Addy and I made a Cornmeal Blueberry and Raspberry Cake adapted from Martha Stewarts Blackberry version.  I added vanilla to the recipe!  It is a perfect cake because it is not to sweet!  I also dusted the top with powder sugar.  Despite monsoon rain being in the forecast for the whole holiday, we didn't let it from stopping us from celebrating.  How do you celebrate?  Is there a particular food you just have three have on the 4th?  Sadly, grandpa has to go back to Phoenix !  Boo hoo!  We will miss him; especially Addy who just adores grandpa.  Frank and I are off today for a little time to ourselves.  We are taking a cruise to Key West, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica.  I can't wait to sleep in!  I also have to books that I am looking forward to reading.  See you when I get back!


Enjoy your time away!! I love your photos from the 4th - we had hamburgers over here..but missed the fireworks, watermelon and macaroni salad. I'm sure on the 14th of July here - we'll see some fireworks - celebrate Independence from my adopted country! So special to see the different generations together!
dawn said…
Sounds to me like you are heading to the port of Miami...

I need to find the recipe for the first photo it looks delish.

Saying see you soon to gradparents is the worst.

have a fabulous get away
Dana said…
Enjoy the time alone with your husband!
Gail said…
Looks like your 4th was fabulous from your pics!!

Have a wonderful time on your trip!
Shauna said…
I love that plaque with the Pledge on it!!! Where did you get that? Did you make it? Great pictures. The cake looks great. Thinking of you,

Shauna xo
tinajo said…
You´re a lovely bunch, love the pics!

shayndel said…
Happy July 4th!!
Looks like you had a perfect day!
I have lived in Japan now so long,
July has become `TANABATA` season,
a similar mood with the fireworks and happy summer faces!! Food? Festival food! Yakitori, butter potatoes!
Happy summer days!

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