Detour "Mexico"

Shortly after getting back on the ship our captain made an announcement that we would not be going to Jamaica the next day.  I guess there was a large storm heading our way and he was concerned for our safety.  I was totally bummed because that was the main reason I had picked that cruise was because I wanted to go to Jamaica.  We were detoured to Cozumel.  This was kind of funny because the very first cruise we went on we were suppose to go to Cozumel, but that was the year of Hurricane Ivan and the dock was washed away, so we were detoured to Costa Maya.  We choose to take a tour to Tullum which is on the main island.  Once we arrived in Cozumel, we took a high speed ferry boat to Playa de Carmel (Beautiful), and from there we took a tour bus 45 minutes south to the ruins.  The Mayans sure knew how to pick a good spot.  Just below the ruins is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  It was so hot!  Our tour guide kept the tour quick and simple.  Afterwards, Frank and I ate at one of the local restaurants adjacent to the sight.  The plate may not have been very pretty, but the food was delicious.  We had fish tacos!   So while I didn't get to go to Jamaica, we still had a great day in Mexico.  That pretty much wraps up our cruise.  The next day we spent on the sea and then it was back to Ft. Lauderdale and back to Atlanta for the two of us where our children were sitting by the door waiting for us.  Addy wasn't so sure though what to think.  She gave us a little bit of a cold shoulder for an hour or so in protest of us going away.


Unknown said…
Looks like you had a great time on your cruise. I would love to see Mayan ruins some day.
tinajo said…
These photos are so cool - sorry you missed Jamaica though!
Looks beautiful - so wonderful you two had some time together. Welcome home!
Francesca said…
oh, i've always wanted to visit that part of the world!

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