Stay Vacation and the aquarium

This spring break (last week) we did a stay vacation.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  We hung with Oma and Opa and then after they returned home to Germany, we headed to the aquarium.  Addy was totally facinated by all the fish though has decided her stroller is no longer for her which makes for an interesting visit when the aquarium is jammed packed with people.  Little did I know it was the college basketball finals and they were having free concerts in the park.  I will also not make the mistake of showing up thinking we can get in because we had to wait two hours.  Next time I will purchase tickets on-line. 


dawn said…
I know I always say this too you but I am in awe of people who take beautiful photos, I love the photos, that first one is amazing.
Staycations are perfect sometimes and just what the soul needs.
Anonymous said…
That looks beautiful - I love jellyfish and aquariums (did I spell that right?)! :-)
Awesome shots...I think a staycation is perfect! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Shauna said…
I love the first picture. So wonderful. You are getting out and seeing everything! How great for all of you. We've been on the go for the last few weeks too, getting out and enjoying this nice weather.

On a seperate note: Do you realize that if you come to the Bay Area we can meet up!!!! Let me know if things work out! I would love to visit with you. happy that your son will to Germany, what a great experience. Love to you,

Shauna xo

Keep me posted. :)
Unknown said…
That third picture with all of the silhouettes in front of the tank is awesome! Hope you had a good Spring Break!
marie said…
Waiting for 2 hours with kids! Yikes! I am like you, I am a buy at the door type of person, Glenn does things online, I should hand over all arrangements to him (which I do most of the time).

I LOVE stay cations, so relaxing and cheaper!
shayndel said…
Gorgeous series! I love the first photo especially, the `fluidity` of the moment and at the same time she seems`ONE` with being there!! And the luscious blue is so soft and matches with Addy.

I went recently to UmiTamago, our local aquarium, and was fascinated with it, saw the jelly fish, and didn`t have my your photo feels like one I might of taken!!
Enjoy your time local, perhaps from all your travels you naturally are a traveller wherever you go so you need not go far to see lots of new adventures!!♡
nadine paduart said…
those jelly fish! eek! stunningly beautiful...

glad to see your food is back, in more recent posts. i remember those days you gave us recipes on simple, tasty dishes (mainly easy desserts, was it? ;)))

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