Simple little pleasures

Right now I am enjoying three simple little pleasures.

The first is a TV series called Call the Midwives. The show is set in 1958 in the East End of England. The show is perfection! I love it's simplicity! I love the clothes. I love all the babies. You must watch this show!  The show is a BBC production, but you can find it on Netflix and PBS!  The show is in it's second season, and I hope there are many more seasons to come.

Sorry for the blurry photo!  My second little pleasure is this TV series called Land Girls.  It is set during World War II somewhere in the countryside of England.  Drama, Drama, Drama!  Also another BBC series.  You can find season one on Netflix, but the series is now in it's 4th season.  I purchased season 2 at Sam's Club, but you can watch other seasons on Hulu or buy off the internet!
Third little pleasure doesn't come without calories, but yummy!  Gooey caramel wrapped in dark chocolate and sea salt.  A little piece of heaven and doesn't cost a fortune either. 
Just couldn't keep these to myself because then what kind of friend would I be!  I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.  If you would like a chance to taste my new favorite chocolate bar then please leave a comment.  A winner will be picked May 5th when I get back from Utah.  Oh, I am going to Utah next Tuesday to see my best friend.  Thanks to my sweet husband and my mother I get 5 whole days to myself. Yahoo! 


Shauna said…
Hi Kelleyn, I just want you to know that your sweet boy is in our prayers. And, as always, I am ever praying for a good fit on the adoption end of things. Hoping soon for you.

That show is getting great reviews. Enjoy.

Love to you

Shauna xo
Anonymous said…
5 days to yourself? that's a big simple pleasure! :)
dawn said…
My sister got me into Midwives it is on our local PBS channel. So much Brit TV on there.

5 days? You will be so refreshed.

That's good chokky.
Thanks for sharing!!! I will check into both shows!!! and where to get the candy? LOL Blessings!
Di said…
Oh I loved Call the Midwives - I enjoyed watching some of the episodes with my mum when I was home at Christmas.

I hope that you enjoy Utah! Have fun - I am off to London to visit some girlfriends, eat, chat, shop, visit a couple of museums....
Angela said…
We love BBC series in our house. I got to see a few episodes of The Midwives. We are watching Bramwell, it is also great.
That chocolate looks fabulous. Sadly I live in the middle of nowhere and there is no trader Joe not even within 300 miles. Enjoy your trip to Utah!
Unknown said…
There are so many BBC series I love. Can't wait to check out the ones you recommended.

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