Off to the Zoo

Spring has finally arrived in Atlanta.  We went from having 40 degree weather days to 83 degrees today.  I am not complaining.  I love the warmer weather. I hate wearing a coat.  While Oma  and Opa were here visiting us, we took and afternoon to visit the zoo.  I was surprised that Winston went with us because I thought he might find the zoo for babies, but he really enjoyed going.  Sadly, Oma and Opa are back in Germany now.  The children miss her and so do we.  Winston is excited though that he gets to go to Oma and Opa's  house this summer. 


Shauna said…
I love the zoo. Those Elephants are amazing. Are you going back to Germany again fot the summer, that's what it sounds like. That is so great that you do this. Love to you,

Shauna xo
Dianne said…
Yae for the zoo! Can't wait until it's warm enough to take my family. Looks like your family enjoyed it!

We've had another cold streak here, so hoping it warms up before conference. Maybe we'll text each other our schedules (when I plan mine), it would be great to see ya!
Wouldn't it have been awesome if we had run into each other there??? XO
Anonymous said…
I´ve always been extra fond of elephants, there´s just something with their feautures and size that makes me smile. :-)
likeschocolate said…
Actually, we are staying here this summer. Only Winston is going!

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