Backroads and Bridges "Cornerview"

Portland, Orgeon
image from Google images

Image borrowed from Google Images
Charleston, South Carolina

Sunflowers along the road in Tuscany

Addy in North Carolina and Winston in Germany

When I was in collage, I lived in Portland, Oregon.  If you have ever been there then you know the city sits along two rivers the Columbia and the Willamette Rivers.  Portland, Oregon is one of my favorite cities in the United States.  It is simple gorgeous; however, because of all that water there are a lot of bridges.  While I can appreciate the architectural  accomplishment, bridges scare me and I have a hard time driving over them.  As I approach them I say a  quick prayer and hold my breath.  Silly, I know, but I am terrified of getting in an accident on the bridge and plunging to  my death.  So now you know my little secret.  Backroads are a different story and they excite me!  You just never know what you are going to find around the corner.  Yesterday, I was kind of missing Germany.  I know that spring has come and the fields are yellow and gorgeous!  I dream of someday getting lost in southern France in May when the poppy fields color the landscape with red, or in July when the lavender is in it's full glory.  Maybe, I will find a small café along the roadside and I will eat a banquette and then finish off with a delicious pastry.  Do you want to come?   


simply bev said…
Sounds wonderful!
Menthe Blanche said…
Ok I will be there if you come in France to eat a 'blanquette' and a 'pâtisserie' ;)
I love the two first bridges pictures....beautiful...
dawn said…
Just let me know the date and I am there with you. I love the west coast of this country too and hope to love out there one day. Washington State is my favourite. If I don't end up back in England then that is where I want to go.

marie said…
I've never been to Portland but I've heard it has a great, eclectic vibe, and good thrift stores!!!

You know what's funny is I hate flying over the ocean, over land I am fine, but the ocean, yikes, it scares me somewhat, (which is dumb because Glenn says that if you crash, land and water will feel the same). I just don't like being submerged into a closed space, going in a submarine would be my worst nightmare.

Thanks for your words of wisdom the other day. I am struggling trying to find a balance and really it's my own fault. I got caught up with too many (blogging) people that I need to let go. Just drop em you know. And the funny thing is I am sure they could care less.

It just got to me that I could tell some people are not that sincere and I just don't have time for that. Honestly there are about 7 people I have met through blogging I feel I have made a connection with. I just don't have time for people, and things, that don't hold meaning for me, I have too much to do.

You are sweet and kind and again, thanks. And yeah I'll come along, pastry sounds good to me :)
Anonymous said…
Absolutely - just shout and I´ll join ya! :-)
Heather said…
Yes, please! Just say when :-) And I have the same bridge fear - esp with draw bridges... oddly it's gotten worse with age. I wonder what Freud would say?
I would love to see those European fields of different flowers too :) Driving across Kansas in August with the sunflower fields is a beautiful sight too!
Anonymous said…
I'd love to be in France any time of year!
Le monde dÖ said…
Wow! The word stunning, like the past week, is the right word. And adorable as well ;) Have a nice day.
Beth said…
I love bridges! They fascinate me with their design and the gorgeous stretch of water that is beneath them. I am a little on edge too, but I concentrate on the beauty and not the negative possibilities.
Gorgeous bridges. I would love to see Portland, Oregon some day.
Darling photos of your children. Wonderful fields of flowers too. :>)
shayndel said…
Beatufiul bridges and flower filled backroads!!
And I will use Otli`s word, adorable, for your travelling companions!! Their smiles and looks of wonder make me feel how children too are bridges between one generation and the next. Happy travels!!
Dana said…
Yes!!!! I'm coming! Thanks for the invite :)
nadine paduart said…
NEVER watch the danish crime series THE BRIDGE. you'll never cross another one... ;)))

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