Roman is a Reader!

Roman is a reader!  A very good reader!  I love when my children learn how to read!  It is one of the sweetest things! 


Shauna said…
Yes, I agree! He is a good reader! And, I also love when each one of my children begins to read. My daughter,Georgia is just starting to read. It's a whole new world when they can read. Love to you,

Shauna xo
Meereswind said…
So cute! My elder son is reading every day for his younger brother.
marie said…
Seeing your children learn to read and then read, just the whole process, is in my opinion one of the most fantastic things about childhood.

A light comes on that shines so bright whithin them at what they've accomplished, and you can see how proud they are of themselves. And then oh my goodness the world that is opened up to them, it's just the best thing ever.

Yeah for Roman, and for all of you that get to be a part of it.

Anonymous said…
quite literally, a new chapter in his life! :)

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