The Gang Snap Shot Sunday

While Harris Birthday was last week, he had his party yesterday.  Cake, Pizza, xbox, and a trip to the local movie theater to see Jack and the Giant Slayer.  Harris spent the night with his best friends who are such awesome teenagers.  I am so happy that my son has such great friends and friends who make great choices.  I know my son will continue to make great choices because his friends are going to make awesome choices.  I am greatful! I am blessed!
Ni Hao Yall


dawn said…
Happy birthday.

Send me the email addy that you use for blogs and I will send you an invite to the
What nice young is a piece of mind when your kids surround themselves around nice people. Have a wonderful Sunday!
Unknown said…
I love this! It so encouraging to see good kids surrounding themselves with other good kids and making good decisions. Three cheers! :-)
jane said…
they are so cute. with such great smiles!
Shauna said…
I am happy for you Kelleyn that your son has good friends. As my kids get older I see this is incredibly important.

My kids loved this movie. We read that whole series by William Joyce as family novels. My kids looooooved them!!!!! The movie was great.

Happy Sabbath,

SHauna xoxoxoxo
tinajo said…
Lovely gang! :-)
marie said…
Oh my gosh yes good friends are imperative. I am always so willing to host a get together or be the driver when I know my kids are being with friends that I love. I didn't have many friends growing up which was really sad because I never learned how to be a good friend. I am still a work in progress.
Stephanie said…
I love this! I use to work with middle school and high school students, and they were the BEST. This looks like a great group of young men, and what a treat for you to get to watch them grow up together!

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