Easter Preperations

As we prepare for Easter this Sunday, my children and I have been getting ready to celebrate this Holy Day!  We made Easter terrariums for our dining room table, colored eggs, and each night we open a couple more eggs out of the resurrection basket (each egg holds and item that helps tell the story of Jesus last week here on earth).  Later on in the week we will have a glow in the dark egg hunt, egg a few peoples homes (not the kind of eggs you are thinking of-plastic eggs filled with candy), make resurrection cookies, talk about Jesus and his mission.  Frank's family returned this afternoon after being in Texas for two week.  They will return to Germany on the 3rd.  It will be wonderful to be able to spend Easter with them.  Wishing you a wonderful Easter holiday!


tinajo said…
I still don´t understand this OpenID thing - how does it work? I try to paste my blog address in the box but it won´t accept that?!

Oh well - love the pics, seems like a cozy time! :-)

Shauna said…
Great Pictures. I love Easter. My sister in law is here and she is also one of my dearest friends. It's so fun having company. Love your house. Take care,

Shauna xo
Susannah said…
What a wonderful way to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ with your boys.
Happy Easter sweet friend!!! Blessings and love!
Keisha said…
COOL!!! Love the Easter terrariums!!! Hope you and your family have a Wonderful Easter! PRaise God for His precious Son!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Apparently, I´m not a Wordpress member - I have a Wordpress based blog on my own domain which is different somehow. :-/

I´m not that impressed by this OpenID but I´m sure I´ve done it wrong somehow - but shouldn´t it be possible to click on my name and come directly to my blog? This way, the only thing one sees is my blogname. Unsmooth!

Oh my friend, I´m just not savvy with these things. Feeling quite frustrated. :-(
Stephanie said…
So fun! We are planning on dying eggs tonight...Avery is SO EXCITED!

Wishing you a beautiful Easter with your sweet family!

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