Easter Parade 2013

Happy Easter!


Joyeux Paques! Enjoy your day! Beautiful photos! I love the one of your daughter holding the egg!...The Easter bunny just arrived at our house (was too tired last night- so got up early) - including dropping chocolate eggs all over our patio..should be an interesting morning when that is noticed!
Anonymous said…
You have such sweet kiddos! :-)
Frohe Ostern.....Happy Easter to you and your family!
dawn said…
Oh my word, what a beautiful family. Such handsome boys and a stunning little girl, and those curls!
Happy Easter.
Company EIGHT said…
Happy Easter to you as well!! LOVE all the pictures--what beautiful children you have!!
Lovely photographs. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and as much chocolate indulgence as we did!
my3 kids said…
Such beautiful kids you have:)
Your children are getting so big! Beautiful pictures; Happy Easter my friend!
Leggio said…
Your kiddos are so cute!!!! Love your little girls dress

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