Little Moments

It's life's little moments that matter the most!
Today we got exciting news
We are officially LID!
What's that?
LID means China has seen and approved your paperwork.
You have the green light to adopt!
We are logged in and waiting now patiently
to be matched with our daughter.
I have butterflies in my stomach!
Good butterflies
I am so excited!
(Top collage) Harris and Winston at Andretti
Winston leading the flag ceremony at the Blue and Gold Banquet Cub Scouts
Winston wins another chess trophy
Harris makes a wish
Belt Loops
(Bottom collage)  digging in
chef Roman
ready to catch a leprechaun
A stacked rainbow
Roman gets into rainbow fever


the meaklims said…
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! LID!! Awesome news!

And I LOVE those rainbow pancakes. The colours are brilliant!

Anonymous said…
Di said…
Congratulations! Exciting news.

Loving Roman's Rainbow Pancakes.
tinajo said…
That´s great - congrats! :-)

I´ve moved my blog and hence can´t comment here so easily anymore since you don´t have the "Name and url" option. Do you think you could add it? I´m not sure I´ll keep my Blogger name unless I have to. :-)
Meereswind said…
Congratulations... and good luck!
dawn said…
Fantastic news, so very very happy for you.

I love the rainbow pancakes great idea.
Shauna said…
I love it. And I agree, it's the small moments.

Wow, Kelleyn this is great news. I am so happy for you and I also have butterflies in my stomach for you. :)

Love, Love, Love,

Yay for LID!!! Now let's see that little face!!! Praying! XO
marie said…
Wonderful news! I am excited to follow your process through your blog, I know it is not for the faint of heart, but what a reward!

The pancakes are too cute :)
Susannah said…
Yay! Congrats on your LID status!!!
Unknown said…
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