March Weekend and Other Happenings

Shamrock Shake, Irish Cream, and Irish Car Bomb
You want to know something?
I ate all three and I didn't share!
They were good!
Spring is Here!

Irish Lamb Stew
And a string of Shamrocks

 The other day, I got an e-mail from my sons English teacher stating that our son had submitted a poem to a magazine for publication and it if we would give our permission they would like to publish it.  I was just about floored because my son hated this assignment, and if I remember correctly a few tears where shed writing it.  I believe he may not have gone to bed until two in the morning.  While he enjoys reading, he does not like writing and if he had his way would clearly stick to all classes that point towards engineering.  I am proud.  Maybe their is a little Irish poet in him after all given my side of the family come from Ireland.

The Kaleidoscope  of  Colors
Crimson, yellow, blue, and green
Dancing beneath the golden light of the moon
They move with elegance
The heat pulses towards me
Blankets me from cold
Mesmerizing, comforting, calming
We forget
We trust
Like innocent children
We are naive
A blanket of warmth now gone
Destroys, ruins, and raze
Innocent lives lost
Dreams, homes, memories
Now we remember
Who has the power
       By Harris

Addy is now going to therapy for her feeding issues.  She has been diagnosed with sensory integration disorder.  She is hyperactive sensitive to things like textures, touch,  and noise.  While she will taste just about everything swallowing it down is a different story.  She eats less than a bird.

We have been invited to go to Greece this summer for a wedding.  I so want to go.  We are still thinking about it!  I am crossing my fingers.

Winston went to see Oz the Great and Powerful with his Nana.  He really like it!  I am still on the fence on whether or not I want to see it.  The original always scared me.  I hated the flying monkeys. 

This week I watched a wonderful documentary called Somewhere Between.  The movie is about 4 or 5 different girls who have been adopted from China and their journey finding their place in the world.  Parts of it were heartbreaking; especially, when one of the girls discusses being abandoned.  I am trying to prepare for the day when our daughter will have questions about where she came from.

Today I really enjoyed our 75 degree weather.  It was so wonderful not to have to wear a coat today. Well, it has been a long day and I am off to bed.  Tomorrow we will celebrate with some friends the adoption of their baby.  A leprechaun trap will be made an if we have time some green play doh with gold glitter, and we are still patiently wait for our documents to get logged into the system in China. Just got word our documents left today for china! Yahoo! One step closer. So excited! Have a great weekend!


Company EIGHT said…
Those cupcakes look YUMMY!!!

I'm impressed by the poem Harris wrote--he may not like poetry, but this is excellent!

I'm trying to decide about Oz too...

Have a great weekend!

Harris way to go! Love the poem and congrats! I hope Addy therapy works must be so frustrating as a mom and seeing her struggle with eating. I hope you make it to Greece that is on my list of some day! Have a wonderful weekend and St. Paddy's day!
Di said…
Love the poem! Well done Harris - sometimes the hard things to do turn out the best and lead to the most learning.

The irish themed cakes look fab!! Happy St Patrick's Day....
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
St. Patrick's Day at your house looks delicious!
Shauna said…
I love your house so much, it's so pretty!!!! These pictures are great Kelleyn, you are getting fantastic shots. I'm so glad you are getting great weather. I like the cold but I can only imagine the bitterness that it comes with when it is to the degree where you live. I'ts just not the same here. :) Love to you,

Shauna xoxoo
Anonymous said…
i couldn't leave a comment here yesterday! I hope you find some good advice, and can help Addy out of her feeding issues (which, as you know, are so common at that age!).
the meaklims said…
That movie is very moving... good for you watching it already and thinking about your soon-to-be daughter... you're already an amazing Mom.

I just LOVE that string of shamrocks, they are so simple and elegant. Did you make them yourself? And hello, my mouth is totally watering over that lamb stew - YUM!!


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