I want to remember how adorable this little girl is at 16 months.  Time is going by too quickly and I am finding that it is hard to remember her as a tiny baby.  How she smelled, how she held her hands together like  she was praying,  and if I am not careful before I know it she is going to be all grown up.   Today I want to remember her in all her sweetness.

At 16 months, she says 6 words (papa, mama, baba, this, here, and oh no).  She has 5 teeth of which two are on top and three on the bottom.  She loves to sit and look at books, but she is very busy and loves to pull everything out of the cupboards.  She is not a fan of food except for chocolate.  I can't blame her on the last one, and she loves to dance to music!  She is pretty loud and makes sure everyone recognizes her when we are out and about.  She is so cute when she puts the telephone to her ear and in baby gibberish starts talking.  She gives kisses and waves bye bye. She lights up when she sees her brothers and they usually can get her to smile.

I want to remember how my 5 year old Roman said today, "Mom, I love it when your pick me up from the bus stop.  I don't like walking home alone.  It makes me sad."  He never walks home alone.  Usually his brother Winston walks him home, so maybe he meant he likes it better when I walk him home.

I love how hard my oldest son is working on fixing his robot for this Saturdays competition.

I want to remember that my 10 year old is giving over 1/2 his candy to the troops.

Do you remember a couple of post ago when I told you we will be going to China sometime in the next year?

Well the reason we are going to China is because we are ADOPTING!!!!!!  You read right!  We are adopting.  I will tell you more on that later though because right now I have to go fix dinner for my kiddos before we head off to Scouts.  Hope you had a great day today!


I am SO excited to be reading your blog but most of all that you all are going to China for your sweet one!!! To God be the glory!!! Blessings and love!!!
Shauna said…
Congratulations Kelleyn. This is so wonderful, really, we are praying and rooting for. My sister and brother in law have a daughter from Vietnam.

These pictures are adorable and I love chair she is sitting in and the shirt she is wearing with the roses around the neck, precious.

Can't wait to hear more about the adoption. And thank you for your sweet words on my blog, I really enjoy our friendship over this new fangled technology....wink ;).


Shauna xoxoxoxxo
Loved the pictures and what a cliff hanger to leave us with in your adoption! I pray that everything goes smoothly for you. I couldn't think of a better family for a child to be raised in.
Gorgeous photos! And wow! Congratulations!!! How wonderful!
Ayak said…
She is just adorable Kelleyn. How exciting that you are going to China to adopt a child. That child will be so lucky to grow up in such a loving family x
Heart Mommy said…
Aaaaaahhhhh that is awesome news!!!! Congrats on the new addition! I am now on the edge of my seat wanting more details!!!
Di said…
Addy looks adorable.... fantastic photos.

And the other news.....wonderful news...
Francesca said…
wow, Kelleyn, you are full of surprises! International adoption from this country is a nightmare, I hope from there it all goes smoother.
WOW!!! Congrats...this is so exciting!
Love the pictures she is so photogenic and too cute for words!
Stephanie said…
First of all, what a beautiful little girl you have there! Your children sound so sweet and lovely!

Also, CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to hear more about the adoption! What a beautiful time in your lives!
WHOA! That is a huge surprise!! How very exciting! I cannot wait to hear more! And your little miss is just way too cute!
Anonymous said…
wow how exiting ... congratulations Kelleyn. So little sister will be big sister too. The photos of her are adorable :)

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