Spirituality "Corner View"

It is Easter and everyone is gathered at Owens home. The home is not large maybe no more than 1800 square feet.  It is a Salt Box home built when he was a baby and belonged to his parents.  It is white with blue shutters and door.  In front of the home is a circular concrete driveway  and leading up to the door are three concrete steps with an iron railing. She is 4 and her almost white hair hangs to her shoulders to one side a bow tucks part of her hair behind her ear.  Her aunt has dressed her in a dress which she finds a little uncomfortable.  She much rather wear pants like her cousin Shawn.  As she enters the door she sees the fireplace but it only has fake electric logs which she finds rather amusing and to the left her grandmothers piano which no one plays anymore, but under the piano bench are song books.  Sometimes she pretends she can play the piano.  The piano needs tuning.  Someone once taught her how to play twinkle twinkle little star.  Near the window is a couch and there are a couple of chairs that lean back and you can put your feet up if you are tired.  On one chair is a multicolored afghan. A small table sits to the side of the couch and on it is a lamp, a  pair of reading glasses, a crossword puzzle and pen, along with a rosary.  To the right of the fireplace is a dining room.  A table and chairs take center stage.  The table is covered with delicious food such as leg of lamb with mint, a bowl of black olives, chips and dip, a tray of veggies and dip, a platter of deviled eggs, mash potatoes, and peas.  She doesn't really like the peas, so she hides them in her potatoes and somehow they taste much better.  The room is filled to the max capacity.  Aunt Peg is there with her children Mary and Warren, Aunt Mary and her husband Freddy, Mo and Peggy Anne, My cousin Shawn and his father Eddy.  The little girls father Owen comes in after her and when he walks through the door he has to duck his head in order not to hit it on the door frame.  He comes to shake Shawn's hand and it vibrates.  The boy squeals at the surprise.  The little girl wants to be next so she pushes her way past the people and sticks her hand in her father's hand.  It vibrates and tickles.  She laughs and wants to do it again.  Food is running out and one of the Aunts goes into the kitchen.  Over the doorway is a wooden plaque with a heart on it, the heart has a cross on the top and  wrapped around the heart is barbed wire.  It kind of scares the little girl, but she knows it is sacred.   On the wall beside the door to the kitchen someone has pinned palms from Palm Sunday.  The love in the room is so thick you can't help but feel loved too.  Later that evening the little girl is looking for her cousin before she goes to bed and as she goes into her cousin Mary's room she sees her cousin kneeling on the wooden floor holding a rosary counting the beads in her head and saying "Hail Mary Mother of God."  She repeats the prayer over and over taking no notice that the little girl has entered the room.

Years have passed and the little girl is no longer the same faith as her family, but she knows these images planted the seeds for what would create a desire to know God.


Beautiful post....and view! Happy Tuesday!
Shauna said…
Wow, Kelleyn,
Very beautiful. I loved reading this. A little glimpse into your conversion. It would be fun to share our stories sometime. How old were you when you were baptized? I was nineteen. I tagged you in my latest post, by the way...Love,

Shauna xoxoxoxxoo
shayndel said…
Beautiful writing and expression, I love the part about entering into a room where the love is so thick in the air! Wow!
Thanks for this week`s theme, happy week!♡
nadine paduart said…
my word, this is awesome.
i sense every fibre.
and kelleyn? your love of food?
girl, woman, you rock!
Theresa said…
What an amazing memory! Made such an impression. My roots did too.
So well written. You can really 'feel' all the details you capture in this memory.

PS - Thanks for all the comments you've been leaving on my blog lately. Lovely to see.
Francesca said…
family, food, love - what a nice, warm memory to have as roots of your spirituality.
Unknown said…
I like that love was the path to God for you, regardless of faith. What a beautiful memory!
amit said…
Great post. Your site is quite interesting and very well written. I am waiting for your next post

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Redeker said…
very nice post of this weeks theme, thanks for sharing your inner thoughts!

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