My Day "longing Corner View"

 Heaven for the feet!
 We Voted!
 Enjoying the warmth of the fire.
In concentration

We had been longing for family time and yesterday we were able to
spend the day together doing the things we love.


tinajo said…
Lovely pics - and can I come over and use your Kitchen Aid..?! I really want one! :-)
Lovely day in your Georgia! Love the stink eye look too cute!
Le monde dÖ said…
Lovely moments. Thanks for sharing your happiness with us Kelleyn :)
Kristin said…
Family time is the best time!
Kari said…
so important to make family time. looks like you all had a lovely time together. beautiful photos.
Such warm and wonderful shots. I really want one of those cookies!
You have all the images of the comfort of of the main reasons I am a homebody. Lovely really...making me wish I was there right now instead of work☺
Heather said…
Looks like a wonderful day! I hope you get many more like it!
Anonymous said…
those cookies look so yummy!
Theresa said…
Perfect. Did you have election day off from school like we did?
Menthe Blanche said…
Hey, I have exactly the same Kitchenaid than you ;)
Francesca said…
PS something went very wrong with the comment you left on my CV post, would you mind leaving a new one, so I can deleted that?
Beth said…
I fondly remember those family days when we did what you appear to have done only we didn't play chess. But we played many board games and made lots of cookies.
I miss those days, but I still get to bake with one of the granddaughters (they are not much for board games---much more electronically based--sigh).
Wonderful photos!:>)
Anonymous said…
looked like you had a perfect day ... and those cookies look so good :)
What a lovely day you had. Your family life looks so cosy :-) Glad to see you voted!

Karyn xx
What a lovely day you had. Your family life looks so cosy :-) Glad to see you voted!

Karyn xx

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