Welcome Holidays "Cornerview Thankful"

Throughout the neighborhood lawns are adorned with Christmas lights, wooden reindeer, and and an occasional blowup snowman.  Yesterday, I joined the mass and finished the majority of my Christmas shopping on the internet.  Rod Stewart plays and his voice floats through the air singing I am Dreaming of a White Christmas.  Sitting at the table two boys crying over who gets to decorate the gingerbread house.  "No, I want the snowman to go here, cries Roman."  Winston tries to be patient but he also wants to decorate the house.  He finally walks away.  Addy has managed to find a piece of candy cane.  Her face and hands are covered in red which she smears all over my white shirt.  Later papa brings the tree in from outside.  He places it by the window.  Twisting it one way and then another trying to make it look best.  Some branches need to be trimmed on the bottom, but we don't realize this till bedtime.  It will have to wait till morning.  I string the lights around the tree.  The children ask."Where are the colored light?"  I answer, "I thought I would try white this year. It reminds papa of the candles on his tree growing up in Germany."  Roman is desperate to hang ornaments on the tree.  Addy wants to help too, but ends up breaking one that Roman hung to close to the ground."  She wants to be held, but I can't if I am going to finish decorating the tree.  Harris walks in the door and declares, "What's with the serious tree this year?"  I grew up with colored lights.  I can feel my blood pressure begin to rise as the boys begin to squabble over who is going to hang what ornament.  I am not feeling the holiday spirit.  I don't know why, but I just can't seem to catch the holiday spirit. I haven't even begun Christmas cards and I am not sure I am going to this year.  The idea of getting the kids gathered and dress for a photo just doesn't seem like fun right now.  I didn't buy any special outfits for them this year except for Addy.  I am trying to save money so we will have the money for the fees for our adoption.  Thankfully, the agency doesn't demand the money all up front.  Hopefully, I will start to feel the Christmas spirit soon.  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas  is on TV tonight or maybe I will read Roman a Christmas book tonight.  How do you get into the Christmas spirit?  

Sorry, I know a couple of the photos are blurry, but I wanted to post the whole gang.  I hope to take new ones in the next couple of days.

Thankful that I can be a mom and thankful that I am blessed to have all that I have even pickering and all.  If you missed our trip to Orlando check it out.  It was one of the best Thanksgivings we have had in a long time.  


Anne said…
My decorations are going up this weekend so that will put me in the festive spirit! Lovely photos:)
Shauna said…
Baby girl is precious as usual and I think the blurry pictures add character!!!

Man your tree is huge! I love it so much!!! I love your house!!! I want you to do a post of your house and give us a tour. Is that too much to ask? :)

I love the picture of your son and husband doing the star. And your oldest son is a good looking boy!

Christmas spirit. Take all the Christmas books you own, have your children wrap them and put them under the tree. Each night they get to take turns picking one to unwrap and open. This is one of our traditions. We do it early on to get into the spirit.

Or, tomorrow evening make hot chocolate and have everyone sit around the tree and throw out the idea that your tree can be a reminder of service to others. That the ornaments represent the many people we can serve during Christmas and always. I have done this, just helped my kids to see the tree this way, instead of seeing it as the oracle of gifts...no what I mean?

Kelleyn, Thinking of you and your sweet family. Take good care,

Shauna xoxoxoxxo
Francesca said…
I can't say I ever feel the christmas holiday spirit much - it's a holiday for the children, and I think Roman has got the spirt perfectly. You seem to feel the festive spirit through preparing truly special meals for your family, have you made plans for that yet? For me, Christmas is simply a really unique family time, that we get to slowly through a super simplified advent candle ritual that culminates on Christmas eve.
BTW, I think Addy looks just perfect in that outfit, and maybe you can save a little more for your adoption fund!
Arctic Mum said…
Oh, my - you're so early!! Here the tree is not up until the 23th of December, not decorations either (only an advent candle holder and a star in the window). Isn't it difficult to hold the holiday spirit for so long? Decenber is just the busiest month, so I'm happy to wait...The comment from Harris made me laugh:) Isn't that just typical, they notice the least of changes.
Dianne said…
Great pictures! Even the blurry ones. At least you have your tree up, that's a good start (it's on my to do list today, hopefully).
We also put Christmas books under the tree and let the kids pick one out each night.
No stress and enjoy :),
Merry Christmas, love your blog!
Kristin said…
I am also very grateful to be a mother. This is a wonderful being.
Decorating usually gets me in the spirit and the first snow fall helps too! Your tree looks beautiful! Happy Wednesday!
nadine paduart said…
i smile, and then some. for you'll get into the spirit, i don't doubt it. it will surprise you, right?!!
Bonnie said…
your tree is beautiful!
Heather said…
I, too, am having a hard time getting into the season. Having my tree up has helped though and I hope having yours up helps you!
Le monde dÖ said…
With you, thankful sounds beautiful ;)
That beautiful baby in the first photo is just precious!!! Blessings and Merry Christmas sweet friend!!! XO
swig said…
the first picture ist soo wonderful! I wish you lovely days, waiting for Chistmas! warm greetings from Paris!

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