Orlando Part 2

The day before Thanksgiving the children and Frank went to Sea World with our good friends Marco, Simona, and their children. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time downloading the pictures tonight, so I will have to post them at another time. They had a great day! Roman didn't originally want to go, but when he came home he said it was the best day of his life. Afterwards, everyone came back to our condo and we enjoyed a turkey dinner. I wasn't taking any chances this year, so I made sure we had everything we needed to make dinner this year. Everyone was super excited. The next day, Frank stayed home with Addy and I went with the children along with the Marco and Simona's family to Universal's Islands of Adventures. Harris and Winston were super excited to get to taste the Butterbeer this year. That is the closest they will get to tasting beer. Actually, it is a cream soda like drink with cream on top. It was pretty good, but it was a good thing we only ordered one because they are pretty rich. Roman was in heaven on the Spiderman ride. He is still in love with all things Super Heros. The next day, Frank had to work and Harris didn't want to go, so Winston, Roman, Addy, and I went to Animal Kingdom. It has been a few years since we have gone to this park because usually we go to Magic Kingdom. We met our good friends from our life in Michigan there! We had so much fun with Rick and Kierste and their family. We also met up with Julie and Dale and their family who we knew in Seattle, but they also know Rick and Kierste because they live in Michigan too! A small world. It was like we were never apart. It was so easy. Everyone had a great time though I suspect it was a little too baby like for Winston. He did enjoy riding Mt. Everest. They really need some more roller coasters in the Disney Parks for the big kids. The trip went by way too fast! I guess the saying is true when you are having fun time flies. We arrived home really late on Saturday night. The traffic was bumper to bumper. Well, I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We sure did!!!!


Nicole RenĂ©e said…
Looks like everyone is having so much fun!!!
What a wonderful holiday!!! SO hope we can take our crew there one day. :) I think I just figured out you are KR and likeschocolate... I am slow. :) Blessings and love today!!! Sharon
likeschocolate said…
Yes, those are both me. I have two google accounts because I was recently hacked. You will be able to go with your gang and they will have a blast.
Shauna said…
Kelleyn!!! I love that your family is so adventurous. I love all these pictures and I think you are so beautiful!!! You look great.

I'm so happy you have had some great times with family and friends. Also, glad you got to finish a book, that's big time when you have any amount of kids.

Hope you are all feeling better now. Take great care,

Shauna xoxoxxo
Unknown said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love all the pictures!
Angela said…
Sounds like you all had so much fun. It has been awhile since we have been in Disney World. We have so many sweet memories of those days. Our Thanksgiving was very good. Now on to prepare for Christimas.

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