Lost photos from Asheville

OK, I had a very terrible good for nothing rotten day. My almost 10 year old got kicked off the bus for 2 days because he was making burping sounds, and the little girls next to him don't like it. While I don't agree with him doing this, I think it is kind of silly. I mean seriously! It wasn't that he was using cuss words. I think he just gets a kick out of getting a rise out of the little girl sitting next to him. I just don't understand why he wasn't moved to a different seat. So now I have to drive him to school and pick him up which will now take 2 hours out of my day that I don't have right now. I feel like having my own tantrum. I cried.  Anyway, the good thing is next Wednesday I will be on a plane to Germany. Yahoo! Now, I just have to go pack, but before I do that I wanted to share these cute photos of Addy in her swimsuit. When we go on vacation a pool is a must. It is a great way to get restless energy of of the children and make them very sleepy. Hope you are having a better Monday than I am having!

 sitting pretty
 He brother loves her.
 hanging with Nana
 Eleanor, Roman, and Jonathan

While I am at it Roman on Thursday went to Chuck E Cheese.
I hate that place, but the boys love it.
He with with his best friends Jacob and Bryson.
All three are now 5 years old.
We bought a cake and sang Happy Birthday 3 times.


Francesca said…
Well, your boy should ride the bus with my girl, she loves it when her brothers make "burping sounds", however, mamma feels differently ... :) Still, not a big issue, if you ask me!
Emily said…
I'm sorry you're having such a rough day. I can't believe they kicked him off the bus! Switching his seat seems a lot more appropriate. Could you talk to someone at the school about it?

Your pictures are precious though. Have fun in Germany! (I'm jealous!)
Shauna said…
Ohhh! So frustrating, I'm sorry for this annoyance. I see what you're saying. It seems like maybe moving him to another seat may have been the first thing to try, dang girls-can't they handle a little burpin'? :)

Great pictures! And you're right you will be off to Germany in no time at all, so something so great to look forward to! I love having things to look forward to!!! Take care and thinking of you!

tinajo said…
Really?! That seems kind of hard, after all - many 10 year old boys do that and it is silly but no real harm.

Bummer, I hope it sorts out fast!
Arctic Mum said…
Addy looks so quite in her swimsuit, I haven't taken Anna to the pool yet, but am sure she's love it.
Bonnie said…
I think that is so lame!! Good grief! Give it some time to calm down and then keep sending him on the bus. Kids need to be able to deal a. deal with things they don't like, b. how to get a long with others! how are they going to learn it if we ban them from interacting!
And PS I had to drive one of my boys for about 3 years because of problems, so I feel your pain!

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