Corner View "A Room with a view"

I have been blessed to have many fantastic views from many different rooms.  Growing up I lived in Anchorage, Alaska and could see the Chugach Mountains from my bedroom.  When I graduated from high school, I went to South Africa, and from my bedroom window I could see the Indian Ocean.  After college I lived in Seattle,Washington, and from my living room I could see the Seattle skyline and the space needle.  Then I got married and we went to Italy on our honeymoon.  From my hotel room I could see the Duomo (Florence)-just like in the movie A Room with a View.  I even re-enacted the scene where she opens the shutters and sees the Duomo.  In 20 minutes I am off on another adventure to spend the summer in Germany.  Amazingly, I got all the suitcases packed.  So, stay tuned and I wil be showing you the view from my room on the other side of the pond.  See you soon. 


tracie c. said…
wishing you safe and healthy travels on your adventure!
looking forward to your posts!
Have a FANTASTIC trip Kelleyn! I can't wait to see your updates. Safe travels to you and your family.
I too have had so many views around the world, and love the memories of them. Many years ago I stayed in Florence for 3 months and so loved all the fabulous views there. Enjoy your views in Germany.
Joyce said…
Happy traveling! Be safe. xo
Heather said…
Have a safe journey! Looking forward to seeing Germany with you!
Theresa said…
Have a wonderful adventure and I hope you can post about your trip.
Shauna said…
Yes!!!! Can't wait to see you on the other side! Great picture of the little miss, she's precious! Take care and happy flying!!!

gis said…
Have a safe trip and that photo of yours is SO good, it made me smile for a long time. Hope to have a ppek at your new view soon.
Arctic Mum said…
Hav a good trip ovr th pond, look forward to hear about your adventures in Germany!
flowtops said…
Oh, good, you put the baby there too. (What with all the bags, you might've forgotten her ;-)

Ignore silly me. Have a safe trip and we all look forward to your stories from Germany!

nadine paduart said…
oi, kelleyn. really?
you traveler!!!
now, enjoy germany.
you'll be closer!!
Safe travels! I can't wait to hear about your summer adventures!
Dorte said…
Wow ... you have for sure been blessed. Gorgeous pic of your little one and I can see that you arrived safely in Germany. Great posts :)
Menthe Blanche said…
What a lovely pics of your daughter!

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