Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Today was our last day in North Carolina.  We stayed till about 3 p.m. and then we made the 3 1/2 hour drive back to Atlanta.  We wanted to spend Easter here at home.  By the way, Happy Easter!  I don't know about you, but I am glad this is the last holiday involving candy until Halloween.  I can't seem to resist the Easter time pastel wrappings.  Monday back to healthy eating.  I am digressing here.  Boy is North Carolina gorgeous!!!!  It made my heart leap as we got closer and closer to the mountains.  North Carolina is definitely God's country though Alaska claims that title in their slogan.  I think North Caroline and Asheville in particular is just as beautiful as Alaska.  It is one place I am glad I can say I have been too.  We got up pretty early this morning to make sure we had time to go to the farmers market before heading out to Chimney Rock.  I had seen on the food network a cupcake maker called Take the Cake who was from Asheville.  Anyway, she doesn't have a store front, but on Saturdays from April-December you can find her at the farmers market.  I bought a half dozen cupcakes along with a few other items for Sunday Easter dinner.  My mom  loved the hummingbird cupcake.  I had the lavender honey and the peanut butter chocolate cupcake.  The lavender honey was my favorite  and the boys had chocolate vegan cupcakes.  The cupcakes made a fantastic breakfast to go along with the gorgeous views.  Chimney Rock is located about 22 miles to the west of Asheville.  I was a little shocked by the entry fee, but the view was well worth the money. 


Gorgeous view! Happy Easter! I agree my weakness is seasonal candy from Halloween to Easter I'm doomed! Thankfully I'm holiday free of sweets and can get back on track! I ate 2 peeps first thing this morning!! Yikes!
Have a wonderful day with your kiddos!
Di said…
It looks like a beautiful day! Those cupcakes look delicious!
Shauna said…
I've hear North Carolina is beautiful and great to a raise a family in. I told you we could be moving there...we'll know more by the end of the year. It look beautiful in your pictures, and even more beautiful are your children.

I love your hair!! And I love the color of it too. Just beautiful, you are. Glad you had safe and happy travels.

I looked at all of the places you listed in the last post. That necklace is great..why can't you wear it? It's awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Take care and Happy Easter!!

tinajo said…
It looks SO beautiful - and those cupcakes, YUM! :-)
Kelly said…
The views are uh-mazing! Jealous.
Unknown said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The photos are gorgeous!

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