Almost Blackbelt

Harris with coach Mike
Harris with his coach and classmates.

Breaking the board.

While the beginning of this week did not start well, it ended in on a good note. Harris went up for his black belt today. We won't know for about a month whether or not he passed. Hopefully I am not jinxing it by posting the photos now. Lots of people including his coach said he did well. I hope that means he passed. Harris has been doing Karate since Kindergarten. We could not be more proud of him. He really worked hard to get to this point. We love you Harris and we are so very proud of you. Congratulations! We hope the skills you have learned from participating in Karate will translate into lesson to help you in the future.


Wow, black belt or not, it looks very impressive and a great accomplishment to have gotten this far. Hope you hear good news :) Your newest follower, Laura
Congrats Harris that is awesome!
Joyce said…
This is amazing. I like what karate teaches-discipline confidence, strength, respect etc... Great tools for today and the future. Harris congratulations for making it this far and giving it your best. My fingers are cross you will pass. xo
Company EIGHT said…
Way to go, Harris!

My goodness, Kelleyn, he looks so grownup and handsome!!!!
Shauna said…
Wow, this is really great. My kids are doing Taekwondo (spelling) and I'm not as serious about as Tennis Academy and Piano, but they love it. If they go really far it will be because they've really wanted to.

I've heard to test for black belt it takes a couple of hours? True? I think this is great, this will translate into to some great character traits.

You're a great mother-

Take care,

tinajo said…
That´s so cool - wohoo! :-)
cate said…
congrats, harris! he looks so proud of himself for all that hard work he put in.

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