Hiking, Waterfalls, and Carl Sandburg

Located outside of Asheville in a neighboring community called Flat Rock and Hendersonville you can find the home of the famous poet Carl Sandburg. Have you heard of him. We read his poetry in college. While the children had no idea who he was or why we were visiting the house, they did enjoy petting the goats and romping around his farm. After we left his home and got some lunch we headed to Du Pont State Park where we hiked Hooker Falls and Triple Falls. Both are pretty easy hikes though Triple Falls we had to hike in shifts because you could not push a stroller to see it and it was a little to steep to carry Addy in my arms. Winston was so excited to see this waterfall because it was where the Hunger Games was filmed.    There are many easy hikes in this region of North Carolina and I can't wait to  back and continue to explore.  If you are looking for great places to eat while in Asheville and Hendersonville check out these restaurants.

Hooker Falls
Winston at Hooker Falls
Roman, Ellenor, and Winston

Self Portrait of me at Triple Falls
Triple Falls the locations is where  Hunger Games was filmed

Triple Falls
MANY birds and the beating of wings
Make a flinging reckless hum
In the early morning at the rocks
Above the blue pool
Where the gray shadows swim lazy.

In your blue eyes, O reckless child,
I saw today many little wild wishes,
Eager as the great morning.
by Carl Sandburg


Shauna said…
How did I miss that last post? So sweet. That is the most precious dress your daughter is wearing, headband and picture altogether. Can't say enough.

Yes, Carl Sandburg. Not a big poet, but we too read his poetry in college. My daughter on the other had, I caught her reciting poetry to her older brother the other day, something about "the ease of the night and the sway of the moon?" My oh my, her brother was looking at her as to say, "you're crazy," and I was thinking, "is my daughter a genius?" Hahahahaha.

The pictures are beautiful. I love the white house-it's so "back east." Hahaha :) Take care, and happy end of the week,

shayndel said…
Happy Spring!!
tinajo said…
It looks absolutely lovely, I'd love to see it for myself! :-)
Unknown said…
I love exploring historic homes, or homes that belonged to famous people from the past.

You stopped by my blog, and when I clicked the link back - it led me to a post, where I commented. It was only after I hit enter that I realized for some reason the post it linked me to was from 2010!

Ah, well, Hilton Head looked like a great vacation! lol!

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