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This week and next week before we go we are trying to use what is in the refrigerator and pantry before we leave for our big adventure in Europe. I don't want to throw anything away. Last night we ate homemade cheese and salami pizza. Today, I was able to find some beets that I forgot to use last week and some salmon in the freezer. Often we eat breakfast for dinner, and there is never a complaint when I do this. Recently, we made cinnamon waffles with praline syrup. We were licking our plates because they were so yummy. Next time, I think I would like to add a little pancetta to the batter. I think that would kick the recipe into the next world. Here is the recipe! I hope you like them. I found the recipe through a catalog for William and Sonoma.

3 eggs separated
1 1/2 cups buttermilk
8 Tablesppons or 1 stick of butter unsalted melted
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoons baking soda
1/4  teaspoon of salt and 2 pinches of kosher salt
3 Tablespoons of gradulated sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
1/4 cup maple syrup
8 Tablespoons  of butter cut in cubes
1 cup toasted chopped peacans

In a large bowl whisk egg yolks  and buttermilk together.and then add the melted butter. and vanilla.  In another bowl mix cinnamon, baking powder, flour, and baking soda and the 1/4 teaspoon of salt and the gradulated sugar.  The add to the wet mixture.

In  another bowl beat egg whites until they form a stiff peak.  Using a rubber spatula fold 1/2 egg whites into the batter then add the rest.

In a frying pan over medium heat combine brown sugar, maple syrup, and the cubes of butter, and 2 pinches of salt.  Heat mixture, stirring when the butter melts. Continue to cook until syrup is smooth about 4 minutes, then stir in pecans. Remove from heat.   Poor over your cooked waffles.  Makes about 8 servings depending on the size of your waffle maker.  This recipe seems like a lot of work, but it is so worth it.


Joyce said…
I love breakfast food for dinner. Your corner is my last stop and I really need to eat breakfast!! :)

Are you taking an early summer trip? Keep us up to date and share photos!! xo
Heather said…
Praline syrup - ooh, I like the sound of that!
Yum! We sometimes have breakfast burritos for dinner but this sounds much better!
Elizabeth said…
I love waffles but I can't eat them for dinner. The praline syrup sounds like heaven.
Emily said…
Oh, yum! This looks so good. I think I could eat it for any meal! :-)
Great flavour combinations. I too like to clear out the fridge before a trip and we get to have very strange combinations between us.
Theresa said…
Our kids love this, we usually do pancakes or waffles...sometime French toast.
nadine paduart said…
there is never a problem of you kicking recipes into a next world, you've got it in your fingers! i've come to think of you by thinking of yummy recipes!
so, very happy traveling to you all! will want to read about your adventures!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh that looks like something my daughter would love to eat... we have only ever had waffles with maple syrup before
;) said…
I'ld like to taste... Bon appétit ;)
Unknown said…
We love breakfast for dinner. That syrup looks yummy!
Shauna said…
I love using up my food!!!! I love the challenge of having an almost empty fridge when I go to Costco.

We love breakfast for dinner. It's a favorite for sure.

You are all really on the count down! Thinking of you!

tinajo said…
Oh, you´ll have so much fun - I wish I had a trip coming up too! :-)

Looks yummy! :-)
Dorte said…
how nice with breakfast for dinner :)
natsumi said…
mmm, Looks so delicious! Thank you for the recipe..
Hope you have a great weekend!!
Company EIGHT said…
we love waffles, too! that syrup looks delish--i have southern praline sauce that's yummy, and looks similar.
Francesca said…
So sorry I missed this Kelleyn, I don't know how it happened! I never had waffles - and, yes, it does seem a lot of work. How can you make all these fancy meals, and take care of 4 kids, and get ready for your adventure?!

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