Where we stay and discovery

The Marriott Park Hotel

This hotels interior is amazing; however, it does not come cheap. I am not sure I would recommend this hotel. It was great for my husbands to work, but to get into the city it took anywhere from 30-45 minutes each way. The shuttle cost 10 Euros, and it does not offer breakfast or free Internet. There really isn't anywhere nearby where you can eat. I would stay in the Rome city center if I were going to Rome.

Albergo Savoia-Positano

This hotel was wonderful. Not too far from the beach and parking across the street. The staff was friendly and the breakfast was wonderful. On our way home we stayed at The Seccy Hotel located near the Rome airport. Gorgeous interior and helpful staff. The hotel was clean and the breakfast was good. Convenient if you would like to sleep over before traveling to other locations in Italy.

Discoveries: Remember I said I got perfume in Positano. I love it! It is from a company called Carthusia out of Capri, but they have a small shop in Positano. It reminds me of being in Italy every time I put on. I got the Mediterranean one that smells like citrus.
The second discovery I made was Limoncello Torrone by Oliviero. Lemon nugget with chopped almonds covered in chocolate. Devine! It is been said to have been served at the royal courts for weddings. It also comes in other flavors too!
Thank you, Italy for a fabulous holiday! I can't wait to come back and visit you.


Dana said…
Sounds divine. . .limoncello torrone. I'll be on the lookout for that, to be sure!
Anonymous said…
The limoncello torrone! Be still my heart. That sounds so good, I am a lemon freak! Thanks for sharing Italy with us. It was beautiful. Glad you had such a wonderful trip! xo,Gina
Company EIGHT said…
It sounds FABULOUS!!!! I'm so happy for you guys. And, what an amazing birthday!

I e-mailed you at your yahoo address. If you still don't have it, e-mail me at sweetpeafamily@gmail.com. Then I can respond on my regular e-mail. ( I just don't want to post it.)

Melly Mel said…
oooh i want to smell it.

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